Privacy Policy for MEMS Score

Usage of the Camera

MEMS Score needs access to camera of this device to record the reference pattern. The recoreded images are stored temporarily in the memory of the device and used to calculate the relative changes of position and orientaton. This data is needed to assess the quality of the inertial sensors. The images are only used locally on the device and are deleted directly after the test finished.

Usage of the Inertial Sensors

MEMS Score needs access to inertial sensors of this device to assess their quality. The recorded data is stored temporarily in the memory of the device and is used to evaluate the sensors. This data is kept in the storage of the device until it is deleted by the user. The data from the sensors will at no point be send to us any anyone else.

Access to internal and external storage

The application needs access to the external storage of the device to temporarily store the recorded images for the sensor analysis. The results of the tests are also stored in the external storage. The access to the internal storage is needed to save and load the settings of the application.

Access to Network

The access to the internet is needed to store the results of the test in a database and to provide the feature to compare the users device with other devices.

Data that is sent to the database

The data of the executed tests is stored in a database-server operated by the University of Rostock. This data allows a statistical analysis of the performance of all used devices and sensors. This includes the Device Name and Vendor, the used Sensor-Type, with Vendor and Version as well as the common statistical characteristics (average error, variance, linear regression analysis), that are shown to the user. The data is anonymous and cannot be used to identify a certain device or user. The data is used for research purposes at the University of Rostock in cooperation with Bosch Sensortec.

Access to Printer

MEMS Score needs access to the print-manager of the device to allow the user to directly print the reference pattern that is needed for some tests.