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Three tests for your device

MEMS Score offers three tests that should help you to evaluate whether your device is fit for applications like augemented- and virtual reality,

1. Static test for the Game Rotation Vector and the Linear Acceleration Sensor

The first test evaluates the accuracy of the Game Rotation Vector and the Linear Acceleration Sensor when the device is at rest. Both sensors use the accelerometer and the gyroscope to measure the orientation and linear acceleration of the device. For more information on the sensors please visit Googles documentation.

2. Dynamic accuracy of the Game Rotation Vector

The second test evaluates the accuracy of the Game Rotation Vector when the device is moving. It uses the Game Rotation Vector to measure the orientation of your device and compares it with the actual orientation taken by the camera (distortion of the reference pattern) You need the Reference Pattern for this test.

3. Completeness of available sensors

With the last test you can evaluate which sensors are available on your device. There are a total of 23 different sensors that can be available on an AndroidTM device ranging from accelerometer to heart Rate Sensor. Additionally MEMS Score checks whether the sensors of the device are high fidelity sensors. These sensors are specified to be better suitable for applications like augmented reality or indoor navigation.

Easy to understand rating

The results screen

Each test presents two indicators for the result of a test. The first value is the measured value. In the case of the image to the left this is the highest distance the linear acceleration sensor diverged from the desired value. The second indicator displays the suitability or ranking of the sensor in stars. The higher the rating, the better the sensors.

The ranking of the devices

Comparison with other devices

MEMS Score stores the results of the tests on our servers to allow users to compare their devices with other devices. You can either compare the overall rating of your device with the rating of other devices or only compare the results of one specific test.

The instructions shown to the user

Extensive instructions

MEMS Score offers instructions for the whole application which can be accessed from the main menu as well as instructions for each of the tests. In addition to a textual explanation of the test, you can also watch a video that explains the how to perform the test and interpret the results.